What is it?

The Copper Mirror is a highly polished piece of copper that the participant gazes into as a tool for lucidity and creative decision making.

Why should I care?

If you desire an expansion of creativity, mind and thought processes, this is a tool you would want to use.

What is the process?

A typical session is 40 minutes.  Situated in configuration where the participant sits on an insulated stool in front of a copper mirror.  The participant then gazes in the mirror with a specific intent.


Mahatma Letter describing a gift of lucidity

The Mahatma are enlightened ones, originating in sanscript as "Great Soul".  They are humans that have attained higher wisdom and sidhis ("super natural"  gifts).

Here is a letter written to A.P. Sinnett, a true pioneer in ancient works in India.

August 13, 1882

... you want to acquire gifts. Set to work and try to develop lucidity. The latter is no gift but a universal possibility common to all. As Luke Burke puts it "idiots and dogs have it, and to a more remarkable degree often than the most intellectual men. It is because neither idiots nor dogs use their reasoning faculties but allow their natural instinctive perceptions to have full play."

. . . You use too much sugar in your food. Take fruit bread tea coffee and milk and use them as freely as you would like to, but no chocolate, fat, pastry and but very little sugar. The fermentation produced by it especially in that climate of yours is very injurious. The methods used for developing lucidity in our chelas may be easily used by you. Every temple has a dark room, the north wall of which is entirely covered with a sheet of mixed metal, chiefly copper, very highly polished, with a surface capable of reflecting in it things, as well as a mirror. The chela sits on an insulated stool, a three-legged bench placed in a flat-bottomed vessel of thick glass, — the lama operator likewise, the two forming with the mirror wall a triangle. A magnet with the North Pole up is suspended over the crown of the chela's head without touching it. The operator having started the thing going leaves the chela alone gazing on the wall, and after the third time is no longer required


Dr. Green Copper Wall Experiment

Science meets 140 Year old esoteric lucidly method.

One day Dr. Green finished writing a grant proposal concerning the possibility ofdetecting static electrical effects from the body during meditation and during the process of bioener­ getic healing. As described in the following paper, this topic was central in his dreams and visions for decades, springing from his study ofthe esoteric literature and his recogni­ tion that electrostatic energies were being used in training chelas (as described in the articles below) perhaps for hundreds of years. The very week he completed the grant proposal, he received a phone call on behalf of John Fetzer o f the Fetzer Foundation, Kalamazoo, Michigan. Fetzer thought ofthe mind as a 'subtle" radio transmitter and was lookingfor someone interested in measuring how the mind could be used to affect the world in a similar way a radio transmitter affects a radio. After conversation he asked Green for a grant proposal. This synchronicity led to several years of scientific efforts studying electro­ static correlates of the body during meditation, and to the eventual selection of a group of individuals with 'special abilities"-bioenergetic healing and intuitional diagnosis-with whom he conducted laboratory studies.

You can read an interview with Dr. Green regarding his experiment HERE.




Lucidity is the ability to shift brain states affecting the level of mind to perceive in consciousness subtle energy signatures.


To increase lucidity is to break down historic constructs and pop current reality bubbles to create from higher octaves.


Ability to “see” from multiple perspectives and create creative and positive outcomes.

Copper mirror experience

Spiritual Insights


Problem Solving


Trauma Resolution


participate in the experience!

We accept donations as part of this continuing work in consciousness. 

As a donator, you may choose to be a participant in the Copper Mirror.

As a pasrticiapant you agree to complete a short questionnaire at the conclusion of each session.

Recommended donation for each 40 minute session is $55.00.  Sessions take place in Bellevue WA.

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Joel Johanneson - Author, Speaker, Investigator, Healer, Teacher, Coach/Mentor.

Over the past 30 years, Joel has honed his intuitive skills through formal study and practical application. He has always maintained his inner connection to higher knowing. Applying his gift to his career he became a successful entrepreneur. Compassion is what has driven Joel to support hundreds of people to unlock and live their true potential.

Through his understanding of the heart and inner sight, Joel has developed a unique approach to healing and consciousness that supports others to experience the infinite nature of Life.

“Bringing gratitude into a situation transforms the perception, it brings in grace”

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