Play and manage all our ViVre' acoustic therapy programs directly from the free V-Resonator app!  Many more available as an in=app purchase for your added benefit!

Programs for life

V-Resonaotr offers drug and chemical free programs for your entire family;  including your dog, cat, horse and your favorite plant!

Unlimited possibilities

New programs are being developed and made available exclusively for ViVre' by some of the top Creators and research institutes in the field.  We are dedicated to issues and solutions affecting the body, mind and spirit.

Connect to your smartphone via bluetooth

Connect via BT, play, manage and purchase additional programs exclusively thru the free V-Resonator App.

Ever Expanding Library

The top Creators of frequency healing contribute to our ever expanding library of programs targeted to harmonize and relieve issues effecting the well being of you, your family and pets.

Current and Future treatment program selections include  stress, anxiety, pain, Parkinson's, MS, MD, Autism, depression, sleep disorders, blood pressure etc... for more information CLICK HERE

Disclaimer: VIVRE is not a medical device.  All statements on this website have not been evaluated by  the Food and Drug Administration. Hi Viber products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.   Click HERE for our full disclosure statement.